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liver cancer

Liver cancer

Liver is one of the most important organs in the human body . As the glands , the liver produces bile to digest fats to function , activate lipase , helping the absorption of fat in the intestine , and change the substance is not soluble in water into a substance that dissolves in water . If the bile ducts in the liver congestion, bile into the blood circulation so that the sufferer becomes yellowish skin . Such a person is said to suffer from jaundice .


So far have not found another organ or artificial organ or device capable of replacing all the functions of the liver . Some functions can be replaced with liver dialysis process , but the technology is still being developed for the treatment of heart failure patients . Or those suffering from liver cancer .

Liver cancer or liver cancer is cancer that originates in the liver cells ( primary liver cancer ) . However , there is also a cancer that occurs in the liver starts from other parts of the body ( such as colon , lung or breast ) and then spreads to the liver . Doctors call this metastatic cancer ( secondary liver cancer ) .
Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Many people have no signs or symptoms in the early stages of primary liver cancer . But when has the signs and symptoms , then that may occur include :
• Weight loss
• Loss of appetite
• Pain in the upper abdomen area
• Nausea and vomiting
• Fatigue and weakness
• Enlargement of the liver
• Swelling in the abdomen area
• skin and the whites of the eyes turn yellow


Liver disease is a term for a set of conditions , diseases and infections that affect the cells , tissues , structure and function of the heart .
Liver function

Liver is an important organ located in the upper right abdominal quadrant . He is responsible for :

    filter blood
    Makes bile , a substance that helps digest fats
    Process and bind fat in the transporter ( protein ) including cholesterol . Combined fat and protein called lipoproteins ( chylomicron , VLDL , LDL , HDL ) , store the sugar and help the body to transport and save energy .
    Making important proteins , like most involved in blood clotting
    Metabolizes many drugs such as barbiturates , sedatives , and amphetamines
    Storing iron , copper , vitamin A and D , and some of the vitamin B
    Making important proteins like albumin that regulate fluid pengakutan in the blood and kidney
    Help break down and recycle red blood cells

    If the liver becomes inflamed or infected , the ability to perform these functions become weakened . Liver diseases and infections are caused by a variety of conditions including viral infections , bacterial attack , and chemical or physical changes in the body . The most common cause of liver damage is malnutrition ( malnutrition ) , especially those that occur with alcohol addiction .

    Symptoms of liver disease may be acute , occurring suddenly , or chronic , developing slowly over a long period of time . Chronic liver disease is much more common than acute . Number of chronic liver disease than men is two times higher than women . Liver disease can reach from mild to severe depending on the type of disease present .

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms partly depend on the type and jangkaun heart disease . In many cases , there may be no symptoms . The signs and symptoms are common to a number of different types of heart disease include :

    Jaundice or yellowish skin
    Urine is brown like tea
    Loss of appetite
    Loss or weight gain, abnormal body
    throw up
    Color stool ( feces ) , pale
    Abdominal pain ( stomach ) on the upper right abdomen
    Unwell ( malaise ) or a vague sick feeling
    Varices (enlarged veins )
    Hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar )
    mild fever
    Sore muscles
    Decreased libido ( sex drive is reduced )

A severe form of a rare heart infection called acute fulminant hepatitis , leading to liver failure . Symptoms of liver failure include :

    Aplastic anemia , a condition in which the bone marrow (bone marrow ) can not make the blood cells
    Ascites , the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
    Edema or swelling under the skin
    Encephalopathy , a disorder affecting the brain functions
    Liver enlarged and painful ( pain )
    enlarged spleen
    Changes in mental status or level of consciousness
    Prone to bleeding

Causes & Risk Factors

Causes of Liver Cancer

It is unclear what causes liver cancer . But in some cases , the cause is unknown . For example , chronic infection with certain hepatitis viruses can cause liver cancer .

Liver cancer occurs when liver cells mutate DNA . These mutations make the cells continued to grow and thrive , while others have normal cell cycles of life and death . Accumulation of oral cancer cells can form a malignant tumor .

Liver Cancer Type
Primary liver cancer is derived from the liver cells are divided into several types , among others :
1 . Hepatocellular carcinoma ( HCC ) . Liver cancer is most common in children and adults . This cancer starts from hepatocytes which are the main type of liver cell .
2 . Cholangiocarcinoma . Cancer is derived from the gall bladder duct .
3 . Hepatoblastoma . This is a rare type of cancer that affects children aged 4 years and under . The many types of cancer are successfully treated .
4 . Angiosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma . This rare type of cancer starts in the blood vessels in the liver and grow very quickly .

risk factors

Some factors that increase the risk of liver cancer include:
• Gender . Men experienced more liver cancer than women
• Age . Liver cancer is more common in patients aged between 20 to 50 years
• Chronic infection . People who experience chronic viral hepatitis type B or C are at increased risk of liver cancer
• Cirrhosis . Is a condition in which the liver tissue damage -increasing and can not be cured , you increase the chances of developing liver cancer
• certain heart diseases are passed down in families . Hemochromatosis , hepatitis and Wilson 's disease is a condition that may increase the risk of liver cancer
• Diabetes . Person has high blood sugar levels at risk for liver cancer
• Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease . Fat accumulation in the liver increases the risk of liver cancer
• Exposure to toxic aflatoxins . Consuming food contaminated with aflatoxins toxins increases the risk of liver cancer . Corn and beans can be contaminated with toxic aflatoxins .
• Excessive alcohol consumption . Consuming alcohol can increase the risk of liver cancer .
• Obesity . Overweight can increase the risk of liver cancer .

Prevention Method

• Vaccination against hepatitis B virus
• Preventing hepatitis C by way of :
o Know your partner's health condition before having sex
o Use sterile needles when injecting drugs
o Use a sterile needle when making a tattoo
o Ask your doctor to check your heart condition

Symptoms of Liver Disease

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Liver disease or liver beginning due to fatty liver ( fatty liver ) , hepatitis , tumors , liver cirrhosis and cancer . Liver or liver is an organ of human body parts is very important because it is one of the organs that help the body's other organs in digesting food and producing enzymes from broken or descriptions source of food consumed each day .

The human heart is estimated to have weighed about 2 kg has a lot of functionality and performance of the obligations of the liver itself . Duty to regulate liver lipid components derived from various types of food we eat every hainya , and regulate sugar and protein in the blood . In addition it is also obliged to destroy the liver and remove toxins or poisons from the blood which is then expelled through feces .

All components of the food substance consisting of vitamins , minerals , nutrients , and other nutrients which are absorbed by the intestine that previously processed first by the liver . Of the many sources of food consumed each day there is produced in the form of vitamins in the form of cholesterol , blood clotting proteins to substance . Liver also serve as a tool for mendetosifikasi to separate the blood of toxins which will then be channeled into the bile and excreted by faeces .
When experiencing a liver disorder that stems from infection and other disorders will result in a disease called liver or liver disease. Liver disease or liver disease that is not easily overcome. Many patients who have disorders of the heart that requires them to continue to undergo regular treatment to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of liver disorders. However, as a result many people after taking medication and medical drugs only heal in a time which would then arise again.

This is because medical drugs when dikonsusmi continuously will result in damage to the liver are not careful but other health problems arise such as impaired renal function .
If someone is experiencing a symptom of liver disease or liver , we can recognize the symptoms of liver disease or liver , these include :

1 . A person with impaired liver or liver will change the color of the skin easily recognized . Skin and eyes would look like yellowish color , and the circles under the eyes look darker skin that then many people call with jaundice .

2 . Incurred urine color changed to dark yellow or dark yellow with a pungent odor . Not only that it also resulted in a non-current BAB . CHAPTER smooth and nice is every morning every day in order to update the latest nutrition and nutrition for the body .

3 . Some of them have decreased appetite even to loss of appetite which will then impact on the drastic weight loss . Even those who have anemia ( lack of blood ) , stomach often feels nauseous , stomach feels bloated , full of gas and indigestion after eating .

4 . Not all people with liver disease or liver disorders decreased appetite , because some of them are unisex impaired liver function have a normal appetite , but if there is someone with impaired liver function , then there is a sudden contraction of the liver , stomach 'll bulge , if the stomach feels hard pressed . This is due to swelling of the liver which then affect the heavy emphasis on the diaphragm which causes pain when breathing or sighing .

5 . There were changes in body shape and appearance of nails . Some women who experience liver problems seen from the shape of the curved fingernails and experience abnormal vaginal discharge . In this case, if a woman with impaired liver function .

6 . Liver disorders will also cause problems with skin damage , such as dry skin , itching , eczema , acne , psoriasis and others .

7 . Some are bleeding at the nose ( nosebleeds ) and bruise easily if bumped or dropped which indicates a lack of protein .

8 . Liver dysfunction can also be caused by a lack of regular mineral water consumption and balanced so that dehydrate the body organs including the liver . So that patients with impaired liver function is often excessive thirst and frequent urination . It is known that water is needed by the body to facilitate the body's organs and other body to digest food , get rid of poisons or toxins , helps the body to produce enzymes and all the greatest benefits of the consumption of water at least 8-10 glasses per day .

9 . Patients with liver disorders will often experience headaches , dizziness , seizures , and a sense of tired , weak , tired , lethargic and thus experience a feeling or mood changes such as easy stress , irritability , and depression .

10 . Diseases also lead to impaired liver function and bad body odor that is not unpleasant .

Herbal Treatment of Liver Disease

 Medicines rich multi highly potent efficacy to treat liver disease .
This herbal treatment maxs ace can do at home with very minimal risk factors , uncontaminated chemicals that are safe for the body and does not cause ketergantungan.dari Indonesia herbalist research gives us an insight to the world about the latest health that combines 2 mangosteen peel extract and soursop leaves which both have a number of benefits that the content is extraordinary .

Little about Liver disease
The liver is the largest gland in the body , located in the right abdomen , right under the diaphragm . Based on its function , the liver is also included as a means of excretion . This is because the liver helps kidney function by breaking several compounds that are toxic and produce ammonia , urea , and uric acid by utilizing nitrogen from amino acids . Solving process by toxic compounds called liver detoxification process .
Liver Disease or Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis virus . A common type of hepatitis that is hepatitis A , B , and C , hepatitis A is a rare acute and chronic . While hepatitis B and C , including chronic liver disease or chronic which can progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer if not treated properly . Many people do not realize that hepatitis because usually asymptomatic in awlanya . Patients can suffer more than one type of hepatitis at the same time . However , there are also yanhg hit a new type of hepatitis other hepatitis followed . Inflammation of the liver or liver caused by the Hepatitis viruses A, B , and C have high pravalensi in Indonesia , the results showed 20 million people in Indonesia infected by hepatitis A , another 20 million more people exposed to hepatitis B , 8 million more Indonesian people have hepatitis C .

Efficacy Soursop Leaf and Skin Mangosteen contained in Medicinal Herbs Ace Maxs

In the skin of mangosteen xanthones are compounds belonging to the highest than any other fruit . With xanthone content of 123.97 mg / ml , mangosteen peel can kill disease and repair damaged cells and protect cells in the body . Xanthones are natural chemical substances belonging polyhenolic compounds that can be used as an agent to cope with various diseases . Xanthones have benefits for treating heart disease , arteriosclerosis ( plaque pembulun blood ) , hypertension and thrombosis .

While the benefits of Soursop Leaf ( Annona muricata L ) in addition to having fresh fruit and healthy body , it has a leaf that can be a cure for cancer cure . The results of scientific research soursop leaves containing anopentosin A , anopentosin B , C Anopentosin , murikatosin acetoginin A , B murikatosin , murikapentosin , anomurisin E

 Ace Maxs Natural Herbal Medicines

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     Consumption morning adds energy and vitality
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     Help overcome degenerative diseases ( heart disease, cancer , stroke , diabetes , Alzheimer's , HIV / AIDS ) and many other diseases . Prevention & Treatment functions (preventive and curative